Cypripedium acaule

Cypripedium acaule is a member of the orchid genus Cypripedium. Members of this genus are commonly referred to as Lady's Slipper orchids. First described in 1700, Cypripedium acaule is commonly referred to as the Pink Lady's Slipper. An alba variety exist which has a white lip instead of a pink one.

In Nova Scotia, Canada it is a protected plant, and it is endangered.

Unlike most other members of Cypripedium, the pouch of C. acaule opens in a slit that runs down the front of the labellum rather than a round opening. The plant consists of two plicate leaves near the ground. From between those leaves sprouts a long, pubescent stalk that bears a single pink flower. The sepals and petals tend to be yellowish-brown to maroon with a large pouch that is usually pink, but is sometimes solid white

C. acaule can be found in the eastern third of the United States and north into Canada, coming very close to the arctic circle. This widespread species can be found in a wide variety of environments: from coastal plains to pine barrens to mountain tops. However, it prefers its soil to be highly acidic and can usually be found where pine trees provide a groundcover of needles.

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Cypripedium acaule

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