Hymenocallis is a genus of plants in the family Amaryllidaceae. It contains some 50 species native to tropical and subtropical America. Hymenocallis are bulbous perennials herbs. The flowers have their stamens united to a characteristic corona.

Hymenocallis means "beautiful membrane" in Greek, which refers to the staminal corona.

'Shinners spring spiderlily', perhaps better known as the 'Texan spider lily' (Hymenocallis liriosme), has a distinct yellow center. 'Alligator lily' (Hymenocallis palmeri) is found in southern Florida and has a yellow center. Hymenocallis speciosa produces brilliant flowers from late summer to late autumn.

In areas where the ground does not freeze, Hymenocallis can be a spectacular member of the summer garden. They like good drainage and grow well in a soil rich with organic matter. Some species are known as 'spider lilies'.


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